Welcome to GP-Profit Recovery, the foremost service for UK GP practices to recoup rightfully earned profits. 

Want to find out how to make an average of £16,000 for just 15 minutes of work?

→​ Once setup (takes about 15 minutes) we work in the background to manually audit your PPA FP34 claims.

→​ We find all those instances where someone used a stock item but didn’t produce a prescription.

​→ We collate these together, you print them , sign them and send them off as usual.

​→ We work entirely on a commission basis – we don’t find anything you don’t pay anything. 

​ Our current average find sits at £16,000.

→ We will sign a data processing agreement to ensure our responsibility for your patient data is clear.

Specialising in efficient PPA reconciliation, we ensure your practice maximises every financial opportunity. Our no-risk, commission-based audit has consistently uncovered an average of £16,000 per practice in unrecovered funds. Our service is seamless and financially advantageous, with hundreds of GP practices already benefiting from our expertise. Experience the ease of enhancing your practice's financial health with GP Profit Recovery, where we simplify profit recovery and make it rewarding for your practice.

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Maximise Your Practice's Earnings with GP Profit Recovery: Expert PPA Claim Audits and Hassle-Free Financial Reclaiming

Are missed scripts and FP34 claims affecting your practice's finances? Our GP Profit Recovery offers a no-risk audit and efficient claim service. Hassle-free and effective, our PPA Reconciliation assistance has helped numerous GPs recover substantial amounts, with an average claim of £16,000 per practice.

As a former GP practice partner, I understand the complexities and challenges of FP34 claims. Heavy workloads and human errors often lead to overlooked claimable items. Our expert team, with deep insights into general practice operations, conducts thorough audits of your clinical systems. We identify unclaimed items, generate necessary prescriptions, and ensure you reclaim what you're owed. We operate on a 'pay as you claim' model, charging only a 30% commission plus VAT on successful claims, with no fees for unsuccessful ones. Our commitment: no charges for unclaimed items and a refund for any disallowed claims.

We aim to alleviate the burden on your busy staff by handling these complex claims, drawing from over a decade of experience in practice management. Remember, your practice could be missing out on crucial funds, and we're here to help you reclaim them efficiently and risk-free.